Women's Political Leadership Circles
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Women’s Political Leadership Circles

Behind every successful woman in office is a Circle of strong women who have her back.
— Women's Political Leadership Circles

Helping progressive women candidates find their Power & Voice

Women’s Political Leadership Circles are peer groups for progressive Ohio women. Led by executive leadership coach, Janine Moon and psychogist-political activist, Bobbie Celeste the Circles offer strong support, guidance, and problem-solving. Circles meet monthly in Columbus.

Our initial Women’s Political Leadership Circle in 2018 was a huge success with 8 outstanding women seeking county, state, or federal offices. All but one were first time candidates and 3 went on to win their elections. Those in districts that were heavily stacked against them, did an amazing job of telling their message and organizing in their communities. All continue to be engaged in politics and most will run again.

In 2019, Circles are available for those who are 1) considering a run for political office; 2) beginning a political campaign; or 3) serving in elected office. Individual Circles accept 8-10 women per Circle. Circles are not focused on campaign operations; many organizations already have trainings and workshops on how to run a campaign. What Circles are focused on is supporting women as they navigate the emotional and mental hurdles of campaign life and elected office.

WANT TO LEARN MORE? Please Join Us on Friday, April 26th Informal Focus Group and Refreshments 2:30pm-4:30pm at The Haven Collective, 2025 Riverside Drive, Cols. Please RSVP in Let’s Chat box or contact Bobbie or Janine.

Considering a run for political office is a life-altering decision for anyone. When making such a decision, you consider the time and resources needed to run a strong campaign including the operations, money raising and personal time commitment. As a woman, you are already juggling multiple roles and may or may not have strong support systems in place, adding emotional stress to an already difficult decision. And, if you’ve never considered a run before, you really ‘don’t know what you don’t know.’

A Women’s Political Leadership Circle—or Circle— is a peer group to reduce the stress and emotional charge around the decision to run so your decision is clear, intentional and right for you. When you join a Circle, your peer group helps you consider the emotional and mental challenges of a campaign and supports you as you strengthen your Power and Voice for a robust campaign, or a decision that now is not the right time.

Our first 2019 Circle for those considering a run for local elected offices began on February 27, 2019. The next Circle begins in June, 2019 for those who are running in 2019 or 2020. You can find additional information and application info here, but do give us a call to let us know you’re interested! And plan to attend our Information & Focus Group on Friday, April 26 from 2:30-4:30pm at the Haven Collective in Columbus. Please RSVP in the Let’s Chat box.

Beginning or in the midst of a campaign? JOIN Circle #3 in June, 2019

You’ve decided to go for it! You’ve targeted the political office, filed the paperwork and taken the training to prepare you to run a campaign. Whether your first time or beyond, your goal is to win…and to use all the competitive advantages that you can find. You work extra hours. You pump up your volunteers. You spend hours raising money. You canvas and shake hands nights and weekends. But so does your opponent.

A Women’s Political Leadership Circle is your competitive advantage. The Circle is your peer group experiencing the same campaign challenges at the same time. The wisdom of the Circle supports your emotional and mental needs throughout the campaign. A Circle allows you to raise and work through issues that are discussed no where else. Going into new situations, learning to juggle multiple roles with political party expectations, and having a safe space to discuss the mental and emotional toll of campaign life is the source of your Power and strength of your Voice during your campaign.

Our Circle for those running for a local elected office in 2019 begins in June (Exact date and time will be based on the participants). Let us know if you are interested in this Circle, and we’ll keep you informed as the Circle forms.

Already Serving in Elected Office? JOIN US on APRIL 26 for Information & Focus Group to plan the inagural ELECTED WOMEN’S CIRCLE #4.

Once elected and your campaign is behind you, there are ‘ropes’ to learn. Whatever that office and regardless of the level, you are in a world dominated by men who are often not used to having women as their equals. This Circle provides you with a safe Circle of peers who know the challenges you’re facing as an elected office holder.

You’ll have the chance to be guided by a corporate leadership coach, Janine Moon and a psychologist experienced in politics, Bobbie Celeste. Together we can provide counsel and expertise as you navigate your political and personal life and create healthy support systems. Your peers can help you expand perspectives and “see” political landscapes more clearly as you wisely consider your steps and voice in your chosen political arena.

This Circle will begin in the spring of 2019, so let us know if you’re interested in being considered and TO LEARN MORE: Please Join Us on:

Friday, April 26th from 2:30pm-4:30pm at the Haven Collective in Columbus

RSVP in the Let’s Chat box.


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Bobbie Celeste, Founder/Co-Director
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Janine Moon, Co-Director

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This group gave me the opportunity to share [my experiences as a woman of color] in a way that I felt heard and where I did not feel dismissed or undervalued by the other group members.
— State Rep. Erica Crawley